The term ‘roundhouse’ refers to the gigantic turntable that allows trains to switch tracks. The Roundhouse crew gets your brand, company or project on the right track, always keeping their eyes on the prize with one goal in mind: triggering the ears of clients, colleagues and fans with branding that speaks volumes.

The ear, makes sense

A well-constructed, unique sound DNA and strong, powerful music add fundamental value to your way of communicating (tone of voice). This sound strategy ensures a harmonious whole and translates into a recognisable, consistent and relevant identity.

sounds like a good ID

From silence to sound, from half tone to whole note, from sound design to sound track, Roundhouse hits all the right notes for your project. And tunes you into a total auditory spectrum: from doorbell to radio and TV, from elevator music to YouTube channel, from in-app sound to film score, …

This 360° approach is called sonic branding and brings your (brand) story around full circle.


For each project, Roundhouse proposes an A team that brings their A game: from young talent to seasoned musical professionals. Their motto? Work until it works (better). And if the context changes, your sonic DNA will evolve dynamically with it.

We amplify your ID with sound, music and voices.


You ask

Roundhouse wants to meet your demands through dialogue, expertise and craftsmanship.

We make

We translate your words to compose the music that suits your project perfectly, we are flexible.

You own

Roundhouse provides its so called ‘blanket license’ to use your music worldwide and in all media forms.

In perpetuity

De facto you become the copyright holder for 100% of a unique bespoke work, this means only one expense on your behalf.

Our approach makes the consumption of music equitable, efficient and economical.



Our House

Roundhouse is located in Ghent, ‘Unesco Creative City of Music’: a real musical paradise with renowned venues and clubs, exceptional musicians, noteworthy music schools, facilities for young bands, countless festivals and recently its very own sound studio.

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